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Free stuff isnt always bad!

So about 3 months ago, I saw a yard sale where the remaining items were free.  (I believe the people were moving and just wanted their extra stuff gone.)  So I stopped because I was curious on what I would find.  I tend to find a lot of things that only need a little tlc to bring them back to looking fresh and new.  Anyways, I dug thru the boxes and most of the items were broken or I wasn’t interested in them.  Then I came across this picture frame, the glass wasn’t broken nor the frame. It still had its original price sticker. I grabbed it up because I know exactly what I can do with it. The only thing I could see as wrong was that the frame paint was all scratched up.

Sorry, this is the first picture I thought to take. Oops!
Sorry, this is the first picture I thought to take. Oops!

I am going to sand down the frame and repaint it.  I used a course piece of sandpaper because at the time that is all I could find.  Also it worked the best!


I did have to keep stopping to wipe the section I was working on down.  The blue was pretty but not for me, also it was scratched up.


The wood underneath is really nice.  The former blue paint left a minor tint to the wood but I just took a fine grain of sandpaper to it.  The fine grain too it right off.  I want to mention that I only did the very front.

**now since the Marine has seen it, I am not allowed to repaint it. He says the wood is too nice to cover up.** …..men 😉