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Hiatus Over!

Update on life right here!

  • One little is now turning into 3 littles……ahhhh life is going to be crazy in the future!
  • Just had my 1 year anniversary with LuLaRoe, now I’m looking into slowing down on that to focus more on my growing family.
  • The hubby is headed back to work, super bummed about that but it has been so much fun to have him home with us.

Happy New Years Everyone! Starting the new year by getting back into blogging and reviewing again! Missed y’all!

xoxo Jess

Becoming A Product Reviewer

Lately, I have been considering on becoming a product reviewer for different companies.  Just letting you all know before I go from no reviews to a bunch of reviews.  It will also help you all who don’t like to search the internet for things, I hopefully will have what you are looking for.

I will be completely honest in my reviews because I truly dislike when peoples reviews are wishy washy and can’t take a true stand on how they feel about the product.

I have signed up with two different companies (so far today) to begin reviewing.

amzreviewtrader.com is the first one I have signed up with.  You can get the products for a discount or free.  All they ask of you is to review it once you get and use it.  This will be super easy to do.  I also get to keep the product I review.

tomoson.com is the other one.  I haven’t requested any products yet.