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The Countdown of Days!

Viking Baby’s birthday is coming faster than I am ready for.  I don’t have many things left to do but at the same time I have everything to do. So what do I do? I sit on Pinterest and post on my blog instead of actually being proactive. I tend to do better when it is chaos time anyways.

So I had purchased these picture blocks for the tables at my wedding  years ago. I decided not to use them and tried to return them. Oriental Trading wouldn’t take them back so instead of throwing them out I kept them. Good thing because I am using them for the party. There are twelve blocks which works out perfectly for the twelve months of Viking Baby’s life!

I bought black chalkboard paint from my local Walmart to paint the blocks. Once they dry, add a second coat.

After two coats are fully dry, I used a white chalk pen (which I purchased at Hobby Lobby) to write numbers 1-12. I figure if the numbers don’t wipe off, I can always just paint them again to be reused.

Once I can figure out how to get my pictures from my Canon Rebel T3i on my macbook then I will be able to include pictures of what I am talking about in my posts. If anyone knows how to do this, please comment.

**I will add the pictures once I can get them onto my computer.