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Mommy Time

Today has been a day!  I ran around doing all sorts of much needed errands while Viking baby was visiting Nana & Papa.  As much fun as it is to be able to just jump out of the car and go, I missed him so much!  Not sure if this momma is ready to take longer baby free trips just yet.

Now as I say that I miss Viking baby when I have to do some things without him, another baby would be great right now.  I am ready for baby number 2!

I am going to wrap this up.  It is time for this momma to get some shut eye while baby sleeps.  Tomorrow is going to be filled with laughter and cuddles, and some time on my two direct sales companies.  I have a few home parties and vendor shows on the books that I need to get ready for or settle them out.  Also have an Avon shipment on its way.