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Fall Crafting

I love the month of October!  Well mostly because at the end of the month is Halloween.  Having Viking tot makes Halloween so much more exciting.  I still haven’t decided on what he is going to be yet. The marine and I will be going soon to look. Neither of us can agree on something so maybe if we look together we will be able to agree.

The leaves have been changing more lately and it makes me want to do some serious crafting.  I haven’t started at resin jewelry yet, mostly because life is chaos and I haven’t gotten to it, but I really want to try.  Pinterest is the best place to go and look at different crafts to attempt.  I say attempt because they don’t always go the way you want.

I am currently leaning towards a tot friendly craft that Viking tot and I can do together. So now it’s time for me to check out Pinterest and *fingers crossed* find one.

~ Jess