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Swagbucks App Review

I have been a part of Swagbucks for a few years now but recently I have gotten back into it. I downloaded the application onto my phone and have been using it daily.

I recommend this app to get gift cards but I will tell you that it takes a while to have enough swagbucks to get one. The app uses surverys to gain SBs, which are swagbucks. The phone app is convenient and easy to use.

The website has more options to earn them. Different ways to earn SBs are to take surveys, watch videos, search the web thru the app, buy from different places, download other apps and games, or to put in special codes.  The special codes are sometimes hard to follow. They become available and are timed, so you need to enter them quickly or they will expire.

The surveys aren’t available to everyone either. The companies are looking for specific demographics to fufill their quotas. So don’t get discouraged if you are eligible for them. When I first started, I barely got to participate in any of them. Which is also why I stopped trying. Now that I am older and have been able to take more surveys, I recommend it. I like it and will keep using this app. I will be trying to go online to visit the website more.

Check out Swagbucks! Click my link to join:

Visit this link for more information and to get started.

I am hoping to do an application review every week. Next Monday will be Lucktastic.