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Time Out!

Whomever said life was easy needs to be thrown in time out so they can think about what they said. Taking it one day at a time is what they should have said instead. So after receiving our new table, to only have to have a replacement sent because the tabletop was smashed, it is up and functional. Well as functional as it can be with only two chairs assembled. Now the house looks like a tornado came crashing through, one table and chairs half assembled while the old table and chairs sit half unassembled.
Viking baby’s birthday is coming up, hitting the big 1! Needless to say I am not really ready for this. This past year as gone by wayyyy too fast! I am already counting down the days until the party only to freak myself out that everything might not be ordered, shipped, and delivered in time. I know what you may be thinking, its only his first birthday and he wont remember it, BUT I will and that is what is the most important right now.
So I need to stop for a minute and state that setting up and figuring out this whole blogging thing is confusing at times. I guess I will just have to stop writing this and figure this out.