Captain Jack Sparrow

I have been mixing up some Pink Zebra Sprinkles scents. One word “Amazing!”

One of the scents I mixed was called Captain Jack Sparrow, which is made up of Turquoise Waters and Patchouli Sandalwood.

My review on this mix is that it smells great. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes a musky scent. It smells a little manly so it would be great for the man in your life!

If you would like to order these scents go to


Potty Training 101

So it’s official, potty training has begun in our household!  Viking tot has his new little potty all set up just for him in his bathroom.  So far so good with only a few accidents.  He knows that you sit on the potty and “flush” it after.   And yes he has the potty with all the bells and whistles.  It plays a song when liquid touches the sensors in the bowl and is able to be flushed which plays a flushing sound and encouragement.

We purchased it (actually two) at Babies R Us for $26.99 each before coupons.  If this seems too expensive for a potty chair (cost wise), they also offer ones that are place right onto the seat of a toilet.  We chose the one we did because we always teach/encourage tot to be independent, also because he loves doing things on his own.

If you are a fellow momma and are looking into potty training (or are having trouble) take a step back for a second and breathe.  Your little one will get the hang of it eventually.  Don’t force it because then your little one will rebel making it frustrating for you and them.  Go with the flow and everything will work out!

I will be keeping you all updated with how potty training is going.  If anyone has any questions/concerns about how their potty training journey is going, tell me about it!

~ Jessi

Fall Crafting

I love the month of October!  Well mostly because at the end of the month is Halloween.  Having Viking tot makes Halloween so much more exciting.  I still haven’t decided on what he is going to be yet. The marine and I will be going soon to look. Neither of us can agree on something so maybe if we look together we will be able to agree.

The leaves have been changing more lately and it makes me want to do some serious crafting.  I haven’t started at resin jewelry yet, mostly because life is chaos and I haven’t gotten to it, but I really want to try.  Pinterest is the best place to go and look at different crafts to attempt.  I say attempt because they don’t always go the way you want.

I am currently leaning towards a tot friendly craft that Viking tot and I can do together. So now it’s time for me to check out Pinterest and *fingers crossed* find one.

~ Jess

Resin Jewelry

Viking baby is taking a nap so I have a few minutes to myself.  I have been thinking about resin jewelry lately.  I am not too sure how I would go about doing that but I’m sure youtube has some videos on it.  This has crossed my mine because I don’t see many people doing this and hey maybe I could make a few bucks at it.

The wild flowers that have been blooming make me want to use them in the jewelry.  I know this isn’t going to be easy at first but practice makes perfect!

Any one who knows how to do this or has any tips that would be beneficial to me please comment and let me know!


Mommy Time

Today has been a day!  I ran around doing all sorts of much needed errands while Viking baby was visiting Nana & Papa.  As much fun as it is to be able to just jump out of the car and go, I missed him so much!  Not sure if this momma is ready to take longer baby free trips just yet.

Now as I say that I miss Viking baby when I have to do some things without him, another baby would be great right now.  I am ready for baby number 2!

I am going to wrap this up.  It is time for this momma to get some shut eye while baby sleeps.  Tomorrow is going to be filled with laughter and cuddles, and some time on my two direct sales companies.  I have a few home parties and vendor shows on the books that I need to get ready for or settle them out.  Also have an Avon shipment on its way.


Pink Zebra

Quick post while dinner is in the oven.  I work two jobs from home with one of them being Pink Zebra.  Pink Zebra is a home fragrance company that has changed my life!  I love being an independent consultant with them.  I am able to stay at home with my little viking boy which come on who wouldn’t want to stay at home with their children and get paid for it?!?

This month Pink Zebra is celebrating their 4th anniversary!  Ground floor company and its only up from here!  Currently, I am working on earning my incentive trip to Costa Rica.  Fingers crossed that I can go! I owe everything I earn to my loyal customers, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today!

Currently, I am also looking for amazing people to join me in this journey.  My team is where you want to be, my upline is currently top in the company!

Go to to check out the products and/or join my team! I would love to have you with me on this journey!

Got to go, dinners almost done!



Sorry for the MAJOR gap in posts but I have been locked out and completely confused on what happened with my blog.  First I couldn’t get my password to work then my blog completely messed itself up and went MIA! Needless to say I’m back and ready to get this blog rolling. As long as life doesn’t throw me a major curveball I will be here.

Just needed to update everyone. Thanks for understanding!

Oh how could I forget, I managed to get the software downloaded on to my computer so hopefully in the near future I will add pictures to my posts.


The Countdown of Days!

Viking Baby’s birthday is coming faster than I am ready for.  I don’t have many things left to do but at the same time I have everything to do. So what do I do? I sit on Pinterest and post on my blog instead of actually being proactive. I tend to do better when it is chaos time anyways.

So I had purchased these picture blocks for the tables at my wedding  years ago. I decided not to use them and tried to return them. Oriental Trading wouldn’t take them back so instead of throwing them out I kept them. Good thing because I am using them for the party. There are twelve blocks which works out perfectly for the twelve months of Viking Baby’s life!

I bought black chalkboard paint from my local Walmart to paint the blocks. Once they dry, add a second coat.

After two coats are fully dry, I used a white chalk pen (which I purchased at Hobby Lobby) to write numbers 1-12. I figure if the numbers don’t wipe off, I can always just paint them again to be reused.

Once I can figure out how to get my pictures from my Canon Rebel T3i on my macbook then I will be able to include pictures of what I am talking about in my posts. If anyone knows how to do this, please comment.

**I will add the pictures once I can get them onto my computer.

Time Out!

Whomever said life was easy needs to be thrown in time out so they can think about what they said. Taking it one day at a time is what they should have said instead. So after receiving our new table, to only have to have a replacement sent because the tabletop was smashed, it is up and functional. Well as functional as it can be with only two chairs assembled. Now the house looks like a tornado came crashing through, one table and chairs half assembled while the old table and chairs sit half unassembled.
Viking baby’s birthday is coming up, hitting the big 1! Needless to say I am not really ready for this. This past year as gone by wayyyy too fast! I am already counting down the days until the party only to freak myself out that everything might not be ordered, shipped, and delivered in time. I know what you may be thinking, its only his first birthday and he wont remember it, BUT I will and that is what is the most important right now.
So I need to stop for a minute and state that setting up and figuring out this whole blogging thing is confusing at times. I guess I will just have to stop writing this and figure this out.

The Very Beginning!

I will start out with saying Hello! I am extremely new to this whole blog thing and honestly it scares me a little bit. I have always known that you should never put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. I came up with the idea to start a blog because this seems cheaper than therapy. I am not the type of girl to express her feelings openly and that may be the reason why I have such bad anxiety.

Here’s a little about myself, my name is Jess, I am married to a marine and we have the most handsome son. For the sake of keeping my son out of the publics harshness, I will refer to him as a few different names such as Viking baby, handsome, little one, etc. I am a stay at home momma by choice. I am also in direct sales, which once I review my companies policies I will hopefully let you all know what those are too.

I am hoping this blog helps me with my anxiety and lowers my number of panic attacks. I know that I could go see a doctor and have them prescribe me medication but I refuse to take them. I have already been there, had the prescription filled, got home and never taken one pill from that bottle. The side effects to those medications give me even more anxiety!

This blog will be my outlet I will use to just say or do anything that makes me happy. One blog could be about a book I read while another one could be about a meal I made, then the next one could be just me talking about anything. I don’t want to have a blog where its only about one topic. Stay at home mommas do so much in a day that our brains can get so scattered so I hope that by me having this blog it helps a fellow momma stay sane while chasing her little ones around.

I know that since I am just starting out that I will have anyone even reading these. But if there is anyone who will/is following my blog and you have any thing you want to ask or want me to write about, just let me know.

With love,


keeping life interesting….