Blog slacking

Sorry that I have been such a slacker on this blog. I tend to be on my Twitter more, so for everyone who has been faithful followers please follow me on Twitter.     @mommasbloglife



Prenatal testing for baby #2 yesterday. Everything looks great and baby is healthy. No sign of down syndrome and bloodwork was done for other abnormalities, we will know more later on those. We also found out what babys gender is but we are keeping that a secret for a little longer.

Right now, Viking tot and I are watching Super Wings and eating our bagels. Trying to practice our ABCs too.

If anyone has suggestions on ABCMouse for helping their little ones, please share them with me.


Multipurpose Cleaner Recipe

I made the leap yesterday and became a dóTERRA representative. It has taken me almost 2 years to actually commit to this but now that I have, I will not be turning back. If anyone is interested in learning more about oils, comment below.

I will be making some multipurpose cleaner today. It is really simple.

Multipurpose cleaner recipe:

10 drops Wild Orange
10 drops Lemon

Equal parts:

Mix everything in a glass spray bottle ( you can use plastic but oils will break down the plastic over time)
Shake before each use.


Life happened…

Holy Smokes! Life has been in full force speed lately. So here is a little update on life:
1. Viking tot is officially going to be a big brother come September.
2. 2016 is flying by super fast.
3. Pregnancy #2 is way different than with #1.
4. I am going to eat us out of house and home. *Sorry, not sorry*
5. The Marine has direct orders to redo two bedrooms now.
6. Viking tot is speeding up while momma is slowing down.

I have also started to get into twitter. Its a work in progress because so far I only have one follower.
Please follow me @mommasbloglife and I will follow you back.

~ Jess