Houston Texans Mobile App

App Review:
Today I will be talking about the mobile app Houston Rewards. Do you love Houston Texans football? I know the Marine does. For this reason at first is why I got the app. Once using the app for a few days, I can say that I have become addicted to it.

The application is easy to use and addicting. I should explain that even if you do not really like the Houston Texans this app has perks for you.

Points are awarded for just thumbs up (like) or thumbs down (dislike) tweets and by reading articles about the team. Both ways get you 10 points each. Another way to earn points is by in app ads. *Don’t let that deter you, you are not required to purchase anything.* Points for checking out ads are either 20, 30, or 300 points.

Perks within the app are worth it. Daily prize giveaways are free to enter, only condition is that you have earned 5,000 points that day. *Super easy to do.*
Giveaways that cost points are not skimpy prizes either. One of the recent prizes was a fitbit.
Points can be used for gear or gift cards. Personally, I am saving up my points for gift cards. Next Christmas is going to be jolly!

The app since the last update has caused me to not use it as much. The update changed the whole way you earn points. I do believe that they have caught on to how easy it was to earn points and released the update to stop it. I do still use the app but not daily like I used to.
Trivia was included in the release, which I do enjoy. Trivia questions are all about the Houston Texans so it helps to have knowledge about the team.
Points are awarded differently now. You get points from downloading games and other apps, but you need to use the downloaded app for 3 days to get the points. I have found a game that I am earning my points with right now.
A perk with the points is that you are earning higher points for everything now.