Potty Training 101

So it’s official, potty training has begun in our household!  Viking tot has his new little potty all set up just for him in his bathroom.  So far so good with only a few accidents.  He knows that you sit on the potty and “flush” it after.   And yes he has the potty with all the bells and whistles.  It plays a song when liquid touches the sensors in the bowl and is able to be flushed which plays a flushing sound and encouragement.

We purchased it (actually two) at Babies R Us for $26.99 each before coupons.  If this seems too expensive for a potty chair (cost wise), they also offer ones that are place right onto the seat of a toilet.  We chose the one we did because we always teach/encourage tot to be independent, also because he loves doing things on his own.

If you are a fellow momma and are looking into potty training (or are having trouble) take a step back for a second and breathe.  Your little one will get the hang of it eventually.  Don’t force it because then your little one will rebel making it frustrating for you and them.  Go with the flow and everything will work out!

I will be keeping you all updated with how potty training is going.  If anyone has any questions/concerns about how their potty training journey is going, tell me about it!

~ Jessi