Resin Jewelry

Viking baby is taking a nap so I have a few minutes to myself.  I have been thinking about resin jewelry lately.  I am not too sure how I would go about doing that but I’m sure youtube has some videos on it.  This has crossed my mine because I don’t see many people doing this and hey maybe I could make a few bucks at it.

The wild flowers that have been blooming make me want to use them in the jewelry.  I know this isn’t going to be easy at first but practice makes perfect!

Any one who knows how to do this or has any tips that would be beneficial to me please comment and let me know!


Mommy Time

Today has been a day!  I ran around doing all sorts of much needed errands while Viking baby was visiting Nana & Papa.  As much fun as it is to be able to just jump out of the car and go, I missed him so much!  Not sure if this momma is ready to take longer baby free trips just yet.

Now as I say that I miss Viking baby when I have to do some things without him, another baby would be great right now.  I am ready for baby number 2!

I am going to wrap this up.  It is time for this momma to get some shut eye while baby sleeps.  Tomorrow is going to be filled with laughter and cuddles, and some time on my two direct sales companies.  I have a few home parties and vendor shows on the books that I need to get ready for or settle them out.  Also have an Avon shipment on its way.


Pink Zebra

Quick post while dinner is in the oven.  I work two jobs from home with one of them being Pink Zebra.  Pink Zebra is a home fragrance company that has changed my life!  I love being an independent consultant with them.  I am able to stay at home with my little viking boy which come on who wouldn’t want to stay at home with their children and get paid for it?!?

This month Pink Zebra is celebrating their 4th anniversary!  Ground floor company and its only up from here!  Currently, I am working on earning my incentive trip to Costa Rica.  Fingers crossed that I can go! I owe everything I earn to my loyal customers, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today!

Currently, I am also looking for amazing people to join me in this journey.  My team is where you want to be, my upline is currently top in the company!

Go to to check out the products and/or join my team! I would love to have you with me on this journey!

Got to go, dinners almost done!



Sorry for the MAJOR gap in posts but I have been locked out and completely confused on what happened with my blog.  First I couldn’t get my password to work then my blog completely messed itself up and went MIA! Needless to say I’m back and ready to get this blog rolling. As long as life doesn’t throw me a major curveball I will be here.

Just needed to update everyone. Thanks for understanding!

Oh how could I forget, I managed to get the software downloaded on to my computer so hopefully in the near future I will add pictures to my posts.