The Very Beginning!

I will start out with saying Hello! I am extremely new to this whole blog thing and honestly it scares me a little bit. I have always known that you should never put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. I came up with the idea to start a blog because this seems cheaper than therapy. I am not the type of girl to express her feelings openly and that may be the reason why I have such bad anxiety.

Here’s a little about myself, my name is Jess, I am married to a marine and we have the most handsome son. For the sake of keeping my son out of the publics harshness, I will refer to him as a few different names such as Viking baby, handsome, little one, etc. I am a stay at home momma by choice. I am also in direct sales, which once I review my companies policies I will hopefully let you all know what those are too.

I am hoping this blog helps me with my anxiety and lowers my number of panic attacks. I know that I could go see a doctor and have them prescribe me medication but I refuse to take them. I have already been there, had the prescription filled, got home and never taken one pill from that bottle. The side effects to those medications give me even more anxiety!

This blog will be my outlet I will use to just say or do anything that makes me happy. One blog could be about a book I read while another one could be about a meal I made, then the next one could be just me talking about anything. I don’t want to have a blog where its only about one topic. Stay at home mommas do so much in a day that our brains can get so scattered so I hope that by me having this blog it helps a fellow momma stay sane while chasing her little ones around.

I know that since I am just starting out that I will have anyone even reading these. But if there is anyone who will/is following my blog and you have any thing you want to ask or want me to write about, just let me know.

With love,